Dental Implants in Cambridge

Important Information About Dental Implants

Today, we’d like to share some important information about dental implants. Our Cambridge clinic is a¬†great place to access dental implants from professional and licensed dentists with years of experience. When you choose us, we’ll make your comfort a priority and ensure that your teeth look their very best.

Dental Implants CambridgeWhat Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are posts made from titanium which are placed within the jawbone via surgical procedures. The are positioned below the gum line. The posts act as artificial tooth roots. Replacement teeth are mounted on the posts. Bridges may also be mounted on posts.

An implant will be very secure, which means that it won’t become loose, as dentures may.

What Are The Risks?

Infection is one risk of dental implants. As well, damage or injuries to surrounding blood vessels or teeth may occur. In addition, nerve damage which triggers tingling, discomfort and/or numb sensations may happen. This tingling, discomfort and numbness may affect the chin, lips, gums or natural teeth.

As well, some people experience problems with their sinuses, when upper jaw dental implants stick out and intrude on one of their sinus cavities.

What Are The Benefits?

There are so many great reasons to choose dental implants. The first is the fact that these teeth look so real and feel so real. As well, people who get dental implants in Cambridge may enjoy more comfort, better speech and eating which is easier for them.

Also, these implants may ameliorate oral health. In addition, they are durable and so convenient.

How Much Do They Cost?

Prices will vary based on the complexity of each dental implant procedure. However, prices for a single dental implant typically range around six hundred and fifty pounds. To get a realistic estimate, please book a consultation at our dental clinic today. Once the dentist assesses your needs, you will receive a quote.


Why Do Men and Women Select Dental Implants?

Men and women go for these implants because they feel and look like real teeth. They won’t click while a person speaks or slip while a person is talking or eating. This makes them secure and safe tooth replacement options! As well, dental implants assist with keeping the jawbone strong. Also, they never interfere with facial structure.

What’s Involved With This Dental Procedure?

A dentist should have a license, as well as tons of experience with dental implants. Our dentists have the right credentials. During the procedure, a dentist from our clinic will place your implant into your jawbone. As you heal, the implant will bond with the jawbone. When healing is complete, our dentist will add a compact connector which is put over the dental implant in order to connect it to a replacement tooth (or teeth).

How to Book a Dental Implant

Just call or email our dental clinic in order to get the ball rolling. A dentist will need to examine your teeth and discuss your needs and wants with you before deciding if you’re a good candidate for this type of dental procedure. At our clinic, we’re proud to help dental implant patients access healthier, more beautiful smiles.

We know that our dental implants in Cambridge are strong and secure and that they give our patients a lot more self-confidence. If you’re embarrassed by the look of your teeth, because one or more teeth are damaged, then we recommend getting in touch today. These implants work wonders and they provide long-lasting benefits.

It’s possible to get one dental implant or more than one. We know all of the best techniques and use only the best materials. So, why not contact our dental team today?